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Customer Testimonials

" This summer we had the pleasure of adopting our third dog, an adorable, cuddly, husky mix named Mara. We were so excited to bring her home from Brittanya's so imagine our surprise when our oldest pup Abbey wasn't as thrilled. Shortly after Mara moved in it became obvious that their two personalities would clash. They began to have viscous fights over food or mom and dad's attention. We were devastated and at a complete loss of what to do to fix our problem. After one particularly nasty fight I sent Brittanya a desperate message asking her for her advice. She did me one better by driving to Timmins to complete a training session with us and our girls. She was great with our dogs and she taught us a lot about how to properly communicate with them and how to better understand their body language. She only stayed for a few hours but she gave us the tools we needed and I am happy to report that we have not had a fight since that training session and it was months ago! Brittanya saved us from having to give up a dog we had fallen completely in love with and for that we can never thank her enough! I highly recommend her services. Without her we would have never seen our three girls become the best of friends as they have today! Thank you Brittanya! A thousand times thank you "

- Ashley Aubin

photo- Mara, Koko, and Abbey


" Congratulations on your re-opening...The work you do and have done for Animal Rescue of Kapuskasing has been amazing. Your love and dedication to the animals you have helped has been an asset that any rescue group would be proud to have in their circle of help. Welcome back and we wish you all the best.  "

Animal Rescue of Kapuskasing


" Pampered Pawz to me is a safe haven for my dogs. I met pampered Pawz/ Brittanya Henley when I got a dog who was scared of her own shadow. I brought my dog to Brittanya , she worked miracles with my dog. Brittanya treats us owners and pets as family. And takes care of your dog as if it was one of her own. To me Brittanya is our own dog whisperer. My dog Hanna would not be who she is if it wasn't for Brittanya. I would recommend Pampered Pawz to anyone . Your dogs will just love the vacation with Pampered Pawz"

- Stephanie Bernier

"I met Brittanya Henley at Pampered Paws when I adopted a puppy and couldn't train him properly due an accident. My Puppy Rascal met Brittanya and loved her right from the start! She taught him so many tricks, his favourite was to touch 😊 When We had to go away for appointments Rascal would stay at Pampered Pawz and loved every minute of it...he even got to be in the Carnival parade with her! I also have a Pitbull that does not get along too well with most animals so when we have to go away we bring her to Pampered Pawz where we know she is loved and she is cared for. And we enjoy seeing her playing with other dogs and is Happy!! Our Dogs are more than pets to us they are just like our kids and when it comes to having to leave them we want nothing but the Best and with Pampered Pawz we know that our fur babies have the best vacation ever and enjoy their time away from us! Thank You For re-opening Pampered Pawz as It puts my mind at easy knowing you are here to care for my babies when I can't "

-Mandy Jolin